Candy Girl Purge Costume

Out of the entire Purge Movie franchise, the most popular female character is the Candy Girl. If you are deciding to become one of the Purge characters this Halloween, you are absolutely on the right website. 

We at Purge Culture have managed to create the exact same Candy Girl Purge Costume that is shown in the Purge Series. Our Kiss Me Purge Costume is one of the coolest costumes that we have among all the other Purge Costumes. If you want to get the best dress at the Halloween party, the purge candy girl costume is the best you can opt for.

white purge dress

Have a look at the specific products in the Candy Girl Purge Costume

Though we recommend that you buy the entire kiss me purge costume from our store, you can still purchase individual items if you wish to. The reason for ordering the entire set is, you will save a lot of time + money (because it is 30% Off for now on all products). But if you do not want to buy a particular item, then you should consider buying only the products that you do not have.

Kiss Me Purge Mask

White Corset


Thigh High Boots


White Tutu

One Size (Average Size)

Why is our white purge dress a perfect choice for you?

The selection of clothing in our white purge dress is very accurate. We have managed to provide you with the best quality clothing and props at an affordable price point. We have managed to assemble the exact white purge dress that Brittany Mirabile has worn in the movie- The Purge Election Year. This candy girl purge costume will make you stand out from the crowd in Halloween Parties, themed parties, etc.

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