Raver Pacifiers

Purge Culture is a successful brand in Rave Clothing & Accessories. Coming from the Underground Rave culture, we understand the community. Raver Pacifiers are a must-have accessory for any festival-goer. Raver Pacifiers provide help to your jaws and at the same time, they look cool too. Many people thanked us because the pacifiers helped them from not hurting their jaws.

Some features of our LED Pacifier:

✔ High Quality Silicone Mouthpiece.

✔ Can be worn as a Necklace or a Ring.

✔ Long Battery Life (Upto 8 hours).

✔ Glows in Multiple colors.

We took the normal raver pacifiers and made them attractive. Kandi pacifiers are uniquely designed so they are totally stand out from any pacifiers. Plus, they also serve the general purpose of helping your jaw. Moreover, the mouthpiece is made of soft silicone which helps for longer & comfortable use.

Highlights for our Kandi Pacifier:

✔ Made from Kandi beads.

✔ High Quality Silicone Mouthpiece.

✔ You can wear it as a Bracelet or a Necklace.

✔ 8 hour Battery Life.

✔ Has an LED mouthpiece.

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