The Purge Outfits 2021 | Halloween Purge Costume Dress

We at Purge Culture have managed to design the purge outfits that are similar to the movies. All of us are a fan of the Purge Movies and what could be a better Halloween outfit choice than those in the Purge movies itself. The Halloween purge costume that we have on our store can be a perfect choice for you if you want to celebrate the night like the “Purge Style”. I bet if you wear one of the purge costume dress that we have, you will stand out from the crowd and people will compliment you on your outfit.

We also have a whole lot of the purge costume ideas that you might be looking for this year’s Halloween

A Good Mask is essential to complete the Purge Outfit

In the purge series it’s all about the masks, so no purge outfit can be completed without a mask. The mask is the most important aspect of any Halloween purge costume. Selecting a good mask can make or break your entire look. So, we have come up with the best masks that are exactly similar to the ones that are worn in the movies. All masks that we provide are of high quality and designed in a way that can enhance the purge outfit. Have a look at them and select the best ones for yourself.

candy girl purge costume

Candy Girl Outfit- The Best Halloween Purge Costume for Women

The bestselling purge outfit that our store has is the candy girl purge outfit. I mean, who wouldn’t like to dress up as the coolest and badass female character in the movies. This costume can be a great choice for all the female audience who are looking for Halloween Purge Costume in 2020.

Also, there is a limited time 30% SALE going on currently for our Candy Girl costume. So if you are interested in it do check it out!

You can also choose to buy only individual products from the entire outfit if that’s what you are looking for. For example, if you already have a white tutu skirt than you can still choose to buy specific items.

The Purge Costume Dress With a Smile Mask

We at Purge Culture have managed to design the exact same mask & the costume that the purgers wore in the movie -The Purge.

Check out our Purge Smile Mask which every purger from the group wore & the White Purge Dress that women wore in the movie.

the movie purge anarchy smile mask
purge god mask outfit

GOD Purge Halloween Outfit is the perfect choice for Guys

One of the coolest male characters in The Purge: Anarchy movie was the guy wearing the GOD mask. We still believe that he was the OG (Original Gangster) in the entire movie. To date, everyone( including us) is a fan of that gang in the movie.

The Purge GOD mask that we have is the exact same replica that they used in the movie. We have put in a lot of effort to make sure that the mask looks the same as it was shown in the film.

The entire Purge Halloween Outfit just contains a black hoodie paired with black jeans or pants. It could be upon you to choose what you feel comfortable in. And who doesn’t have a black hoodie, right?

The most important part of the costume is the mask itself because anyone can wear a black hoodie, but the mask is what separates them from the crowd.

The Purge Costume Ideas- You can never go wrong with LED Masks

There are numerous ways that you can create the purge costume dress that suits your comfort and fashion sense. But the easiest and quickest way to dress as a purging member for Halloween is to wear a Purge LED Mask with any shirt and pants that you like. You can also pair the LED mask with a black hoodie and you are ready to go!

Another option that looks badass too is pairing the LED Mask with a plain white shirt and black pants or black leggings for females. A black tie would complement the look and spreading some fake blood on the white shirt will complete your halloween purge costume.

Check out these pictures to get the purge costume ideas & how you can apply your fashion style to design the purge outfit as you like.

Last Words

No matter whatever halloween purge costume you choose, our main goal is that you should look the best. I mean select a costume such that you can represent the culture of purge in the best way possible. We here at our company try to provide you with the best purge outfit that is of high quality and are affordable as well.

I hope we were able to provide you with a ton of the purge costume ideas that you were looking for and found the purge outfit that suits you. In case you have any queries regarding the purge costume dress or anything in general, we will be more than happy to help you. Just shoot us a mail at [email protected]