Uncle Sam Purge Costume

Uncle Sam Purge Costume is the perfect Halloween costume if you want to dress as a character from the purge. This costume will make it easy for you to look like the mightiest purge character from the movie- Purge: Election Year. You can wear this Uncle Sam Purge Costume around town on Halloween night or at your next party! Be sure to add this item to your cart today!

Why is our Uncle Sam Purge Costume the best?

Our Uncle Sam Purge Costume comes with a red, white and blue jacket with attached vest, pants, hat and the iconic Uncle Sam mask. The main piece of this outfit is the mask that has exaggerated features like large eyes to make it scarier.

About Uncle Sam:

The popular figure known as “Uncle Sam” is a Nodaway County, Missouri folktale that has been mentioned in the Old West. It was said that he was called “Samuel Wilson,” but no one knew who Samuel Wilson was. According to legend, during the War of 1812, Sam Wilson (no relation) became enraged when his house was burned down by the British. He dressed in buckskins and became a raider on the Missouri plains, attacking anyone who strayed into his territory.

The Uncle Sam character first appeared in “New York Magazine” attempting to find recruits for the Union army during the American Civil War. The magazine published a number of favorable articles about the Union and its aims, particularly after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of January 1863.

Uncle Sam is a popular national personification of the United States or the country as a whole that, according to legend, originated during the War of 1812 and was supposedly named for Samuel Wilson.

But, in the movie, Uncle Sam is a foreigner from Russia who wants to kill people in America for fun during the Purge.

 This Uncle Sam Purge Costume is the perfect Halloween outfit for fans of The Purge series!