Fiber Optic Mask



Spread the luminance and brighten up your festival with our spanking  Fiber Optic Mask. There are 7 colors luminous light mouth mask, Choose your favorite color at any time and catch everyone’s attention in anywhere.

  • Our Fiber Optic Mask is perfect for Christmas Gifts, Halloween, Costume Parties, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, Rave Festivals, Carnivals, and more
  • Its one size fits all. There is no question about its Safety and yeah , this is full Breathable.
  • There is no weird odor or any smell in our fiber optic mask.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable. You can Easily charge up like your phone. USB charging for 1 hour will keep the light working for about 3 hours.
  • Our optic party mask is a luminous product, it has a very bright light in the dark environment, but in the daytime or well-lit areas, not very bright
  • You can scrub with a wet towel, do not put the mouth mask into the water.