Lightsaber Rave


This Lightsaber rave would be perfect for night raves and festivals because they glow brightly in the dark. An affordable lightsaber is like a classic raving toy because it’s cheap so you don’t have to worry about carrying it back home.

People love taking it to the festivals & parties because they look so cool during the night.

Features of the Lightsaber Rave:

✔ 5 unique colors.

✔ High-Quality & Non-toxic plastic material.

✔ Easy to carry & easy to dismantle.

✔ Realistic Power ON/OFF light effects.

✔ Perfect grip for all hand sizes.

✔ Proper compartment for battery replacement.

✔ Perfect for Star Wars-themed parties & Halloween parties.

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You can also merge two rave lightsabers into one piece as shown in the picture. webp to jpg

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lightsaber raveLightsaber Rave
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