Lady Liberty Purge Costume

Out of the entire Purge Movie franchise, the most popular female characters are the Lady Liberty & the Candy Girl. If you are deciding to become one of the Purge characters this Halloween, you are absolutely on the right site. 

We at Purge Culture have managed to create the exact same Lady Liberty Purge Costume that is shown in the Purge Series. Our Statue of Liberty Purge can transform you into the lady of the night. If you want to have a stunning presence at the Halloween party, this outfit is the best you can opt for.

What comprises of the Lady Liberty Purge Costume?

Lady Liberty best womens halloween Outfit

What makes our Lady Liberty Purge Costume so popular?

We at Purge Culture have experienced designers that have managed to create the exact same dress that the Liberty Lady wore in The Purge: Election Year. Our Statue of Liberty Purge Costume is made with immense love combined with the skills of our expert designers. 

Let’s have a look at the items that we need to make our Purge Lady Liberty outfit.

With this Statue of Liberty Purge Costume you are getting:

  • A purge culture LED mask to make them all frightened at your sight. The mask is glowing to make you outstanding among your peers. 
  • There is the actual Statue of Liberty Purge Costume, which comes into a perfect greenish color.

All these come with the Lady Liberty Purge Costume being the most competitive outfit you are going to find for this year’s Halloween parties.

FAQ about the Purge Lady Liberty

People viewing the Purge website are going to buy the Lady Liberty Purge Costume after they have asked several questions. Here are some of the most frequent:


Q: Can I wear my Statue of Liberty Purge costume when it’s raining?

A: The answer is positive. The purge lady liberty costume consists of waterproof fibers that can make you walk through the rain without even noticing.


Q: For how long does the LED Lady Liberty Purge Costume Maks can last?

A: LED lights are good for years. You can go lighting up your mask and keep it on for all night long without fear that the lamp will eventually go off. Get prepared for some serious fun!


Q: Can the fake blood remain as a stamp on my clothes or the actual costume?

A: The Lady Liberty Purge Costume fake blood consists of natural ingredients. For that reason, you can be sure that it can wash out even with simple soap and water cleaning.

Special features of Purge Lady Liberty Outfit

Even though you are not familiar with other Purge items, the Lady Liberty Purge Costume can become the best paradigm for you. It remains a one size fits all costume that will be good for all body types.


You can wash and rinse it easily using warm water and regular detergent. The mask doesn’t accumulate sweat, and you can wear it safely for as long as you wish. The LED technology doesn’t increase your facial temperature, and that is why you can handle it all night long.

The Lady Liberty Purge Costume remains a genuine proposal for the Halloween party of your dreams. After all, Liberty has never been closer than that.