Kiss Me Purge Mask Girl


Because of the ongoing demand of the Kiss Me Purge Mask, we have managed to design the exact replica of the mask that Brittany Mirabile a.k.a the Candy Girl wore in the movie- The Purge: Election Year.


This year have a blast and dress as your favorite character- Candy Girl. Be as badass as her and purge the whole night.

Features of our Kiss Me Purge Mask

  • Same as in the movies.
  • High Quality.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.

After receiving customers’ feedbacks, we made huge improvements with the overall quality & comfort of the mask. 

1. We added padded cushioning around the edges of the mask to make it more comfortable to use.

2. We replaced the old head straps with high quality straps & designed the structure in a way it doesn’t hurt you.

back view of kiss me mask

While coming up with the Candy girl purge mask we had 2 things in our minds which is, the Quality of the kiss me purge mask girl should be good & It should be affordable.

She is our favorite persona as well because we love the culture of purge especially druing Halloween. Therefore, we decided to come up with the Candy Girl Purge Costume.

The product is 24 in length and 22cm in width. Basically, it will cover your entire face (excluding the eye cutouts.) The cutout for the eyes is wide enough so that there is no hindrance visually. Also, the mask itself is breathable and comfortable for long hours.

The coolest female character in the entire Purge series is undoubtedly the Candy Girl. One thing that separates her from the other cast is her fearless behavior towards life and her sassy attitude.


Just like everybody else, she also has the urge to kill people for one day in a year. Everything about her is so cool which includes her costume, her hair, and the kiss me purge mask.


In the movie, she was most impactful to the audience in two scenes. One was the supermarket scene in which she was shot in her ear and the other wherein she almost kills the people if she was not run over. But nevertheless, she was the best role according to me.