Womens Purge Costume

If you have been looking around for womens purge costume on the Internet, you have landed at the right place. We at Purge Culture are huge fans of the Purge Franchise & that is why we have all the purge girl outfits. The bestselling female purge costume from our store is that of the Candy Girl & the Lady Liberty. There are more girls purge halloween costumes that we have to offer just scroll below to find out.

Masks are a crucial part in Girls Purge Halloween Costumes

If you want to dress as any character from the Purge Franchise this Halloween, the first thing you will need is a Purge Mask. There are a lot of options for Girls Purge Halloween Costumes and the most important thing in a costume is a good mask. Have a look at the womens masks from the purge that we have at our store.

kiss me purge costume

Candy Girl- The Best Female Purge Costume

As we know that the movie- The Purge: Election Year gave us a wonderful female purge character that is totally badass, we thought that designing her costume could be the best choice for a female purge costume.

Knowing the type of villain she is, we have managed to create an exact replica of her outfit, so check out the Candy girl purge costume if you are interested.

Purge Girl Outfits- Lady Liberty's Outfit is the best seller

If you are not feeling the vibe of the Candy Girl but still want to wear purge girl outfits, the costume of Lady Liberty is a perfect choice for you. If you are in your teens, the candy girl outfit will suit you better but if you are not & just want to wear the purge girl costume, this is the one for you.

Check out our Lady Liberty Outfit that we designed just like it is shown in the movie. It will be a perfect womens purge costume for all the ladies.

Lady Liberty best womens halloween Outfit

Check Out Our Mens Purge Costume

women costume with purge smiling mask

The Purge Woman Costume- Lady Wearing the Smile Mask

If the above 2 outfits are too much for you to dress up as, try making a female The Purge outfit of your own with our Purge Smile Mask. This outfit that the Lady wears in the First Purge is quite simple. She pairs the Purge Smile Mask with a denim jacket, so it’s quite easy for you to dress like her.

Easiest, yet the most attractive Womens Purge Costume

This is one another wonderful womens purge outfit that you can rock this Halloween. This outfit is simple yet looks amazing at night. As seen in the picture, the main element of this outfit is the Purge LED Mask. Though hoodies look better with this mask, you can wear the outfit of your choice & it will still look good with our LED Mask. 

Another way to pair this female the purge outfit is to wear a loose white shirt with blood stains & a black bottom of your choice. This combo will look great with our Purge LED Mask.

girl led mask purge costume

DIY Purge Girl Outfits

These were the best womens purge costume that we had to offer. Having said that, you are not limited to wearing any outfit shown above. Just wear a female purge costume that is comfortable to you & pair it with the type of clothing you like. Just make sure you will need some fake blood for any outfit that you choose because there is no purge without blood 👿. 

You can always add your own twist to Girls Purge Halloween Costumes & be creative with your outfit, just remember the basics of the Purge. First, every purge costume has a mask & second, a Purge costume cannot be complete without having blood on it.