Purge Costume Election Year

The newest additions to our Purge Costume Election Year are now available at our store! With our high quality The Purge Election Year costumes, you can create a Halloween event that everyone will remember! Whether you want to dress up as a politician or one of the many masked people hunting down those who dare defy The New Founding Fathers’ Councils and their Purges—we’ve got it all right here. Don’t wait another minute and get your very own Purge 3 costumes today!

Style your Purge Election Year Costumes with Masks

Masks have been a highlight in every purge movie ever. The Purge Election year costumes need masks to get that purge look. And we have nailed the designing of every scary mask.  Shop now.

The Purge Election Year Halloween Costumes

Every time you think Halloween costumes, I am sure the Purge Movies instanlty click your minds. That is why we recreated the The Purge Election Year Halloween Costumes so that you can get that Purge look for Halloween.

Candy Girl Purge Costume has been our top selling- The Purge Election Year halloween costumes in womens category since a few years. And why shouldnt it be our bestseller? Our designers have put in immense effort to recreate the entire Kimmy Granger look for you.

Purge 3 costumes- Uncle Sam Sostume For Men

Uncle Sam has been the most powerful male character in the Election year. If you want to take Halloween costume inspiration, this is the perfect costume for you. This horror series character that was the most impactful, so we had to make a costume for him. For men, if you are looking for purge 3 costumes it is hands down the best!


Purge Election Year costumes are interesting to wear on Halloween because we all love the theme of violence for Halloween. The purge election year halloween costumes are not only perfect costume ideas for adults, but also for kids. Hope we have been able to help you put together your Purge Costume Election Year.

Tip: Dont forget to put some fake blood on your election year costume because it is the right stuff to make your Halloween party memorable!