The Purge Anarchy God Mask ™


Purge Culture’s – The Purge Anarchy God Mask is the closest replica of the original mask in the movies. While designing the Purge Anarchy Mask, we made sure that we pay enough attention to minute details and the comfort for the person wearing the mask.

We know that you will not just wear the mask for a few minutes, but you will want to wear it for hours instead. So we created our masks in a way that is comfortable for long hours.

Features of The Purge Anarchy God Mask

  • Handmade with the closest attention to details.
  • High quality.
  • Comfortable for longer hours.
  • Adjustable head straps.

How is our Purge Anarchy Mask comfortable?

All our masks are handmade and of high quality. We have added sponge cushioning on the sides so that it doesn’t hurt when worn for a longer duration.

We also added the elastic straps which make the Purge Anarchy God mask easier to adjust the mask according to your liking.

back side of the purge god mask