Statue of Liberty Purge Mask ™


The Statue of Liberty Purge Mask that we have at our store is the closest replica of the lady liberty purge mask that you saw int the movie. Our design team has worked hard on bringing up a design this close to the original one. The mask is attached with elastic head straps which will hold the mask firmly.

Features of the Statue of Liberty Purge Mask

✔ High-Quality Mask.

✔ Proper Eye Cutouts for clear visuals.

✔ Exact Replica of the original purge liberty mask.

✔ Strong & Durable Headstraps.

✔ Comfortable to wear for long hours.

Moreover, we have paid keen attention to the details like the comfort of the user & originality of the lady liberty purge mask. Talking about comfort, we also added cushioning to the edges of the Statue of Liberty Purge Mask so that it doesn’t hurt you.

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