Best Festival and Rave Clothing Websites, Shops for a Raver

If you’re new to the Rave scene and you don’t know what to wear or where to even begin, this is the perfect guide for you. I’m going to list my top rave clothing websites for beginners. Of all these brands, I’ve personally shopped at a couple, and I’ll let you know which ones those are. But I stand by every store that I’m going to list and everything about them.

The first brand is, of course, Purge Culture. I have googled rave brands, festival clothing websites and they pop up at the top, which means they are trustworthy. They have a lot of stuff, but now the store has just exploded in their reflective clothing line, especially over the past year. 

Best Festival & Rave Clothing websites in 2021

The reason I like Purge Culture instead all other rave clothing websites is because of its unique reflective clothing line which is very cool & you cannot find their clothes anywhere else on the internet. Being myself a huge raver, I always look for something unique that catches the eye and what else can be better than clothing that glows in the dark. With their reflective clothing, I can set myself apart from the crowd even in the night when everyone’s dark & I shine like a diamond 💎.

I like them a lot not because they have trendy outfits but also because they have a lot to choose from. They have models in their rave girl clothing store, which makes the process more relatable. It makes me want to purchase it because I see women who look like me wearing things that I’d want to wear. Also, they have plus-sized women too, rocking their stuff. They spread a theme that all are welcomed and with them, you get that feeling because you see their models are all different shapes and sizes and colors. 

Purge Culture has a couple of really cool things. One is that they just started producing or selling regular clothes, which I think is awesome and a step forward for them. I have like 97 things that I wishlist already and three and my cart ready to go. All of them are colorful holographic clothes that look so ready to style. So this is one of the best festival clothing websites that you’d want to shop in.

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How to find local festival clothing websites

For a festival like an EDC Las Vegas, or something local, or Coachella then you’d probably want to look for a festival hippie brand. They have the willows closet & the bat flower power piece belt. They have peace earrings with just simple colors, crocheted simple patterns that are kind of psychedelic. 

This is what you can do if you are looking for festival clothing websites. Look out and search for all different types of local brands. Whatever your style is, go and find yourself.

Look out for a rave girl clothing store

The next one is Stella’s Ravewear- A perfect rave girl clothing store. I found out about this brand through my raver friend. I meet her & she is super sweet. She collabs with some to go-to collections. She designs the collection & they are really cute pieces, and they are handmade unlike other rave clothing websites, so definitely check her stuff out. Buy her stuff because they double as swimwear. Her collection has been around since 2014 and they are owning. A lot of girls are starting to find out about their line and they have a lot of cool outfits. You can do mix and match them with the ones you like. If you go on Instagram and look at their clothes, you can see how people match it with different stuff and if you just want to wear it, that works too.

You could also get custom-made outfits. As far as shipping is concerned, the turnaround is about 48 hours and you get about three to five business days in the States. If you are across the board you’re looking at about three to five business days. But remember guys, if you are doing stuff last-minute, be prepared to pay extra shipping it to get it on time.

Keep an eye out for festival clothing shops on Instagram

I have a friend who has her festival clothing shops on Instagram, you can check her out. They sell accessories & they sell bodysuits and you can check her out. They sell a lot of different outfits, where they have a lot of mix and match outfits that you can wear which is just like typical rave clothing websites. You can just be creative and create your look. They have pants & joggers too so that you can switch it up as per your taste. 

For the shipping, they take about three to five business days for ready to ship items. If you want custom made items, they are cool with that. I’ve asked them for a custom outfit once and I was surprised by the number of details she puts into it. If you’re trying to get something custom, it takes about four to five weeks to do it and one or two weeks to be ready to ship. So that’s bad and always check the shipping before you buy anything to make sure you get it on time. 

If you’re thinking to buy from festival clothing shops, make sure you do it a month in advance because when the festival season rolls around, everybody’s in a hurry. I usually shop for my EDC clothes months in advance. I too have done some last-minute stuff, but I usually shop months before. 

Opt for Amazon only if you make last minute Festival plans

So last but not least, Amazon is what I choose when I have last-minute plans. I’ve shopped at Amazon for some time now and I bought from when I first started raving. I like Amazon because they have so many different costumes with many different looks. Their lingerie is super hot, sexy, and pretty affordable. I like their style because if you want to get specific Rave looks, it will be easier for you rather than going & looking on different rave clothing websites.

They have a variety of options like a tiny bikini top, the mesh crop top, unicorn crop mesh bodysuit, pretty much anything any style you want. You can get it here in handy, just make sure that you’re checking the prime shipping, so that should get your stuff on time. 


Those were my top rave clothing websites for beginners. I hope that you guys liked the post and my recommendations on the best festival clothing websites in 2020. Apart from these, festival clothing shops in your area can also be a good choice, but they dont have anything latest & trendy with them. If you like a piece of clothing from the online rave clothing websites & you are thinking of getting it, don’t hold back on your budget, because we live only once ☮.