Peacock Bodysuit


Are you still looking for the best Peacock Bodysuit you can buy online? The one presented by Purge Culture has all the features you would like a garment like that to have. In other words, you can expect to be a pleasant surprise anywhere you go!

Features of the Peacock Bodysuit:

  • Made from breathable cotton and synthetic material. It covers your sensitive parts without ever irritating you.
  • Best multicolor white rave romper you will ever have.
  • It comes in sizes from XS to XL so that you can find the one matching your body type.

What about the Peacock / White Bodysuit Rave price?

The Peacock Bodysuit comes to you at the unbelievable price of $24.95. It is the very first time in our store that you can have such a great garment at such a low price. Everyone would love to have that kind of accessories especially the white rave romper, which keeps on being attractive to all possible ages.


Q: When can I expect to receive my Peacock Bodysuit?

A: All the accessories are coming on a first come first serve orders. You may expect the delivery anywhere between 7-15 days upon your successful and cleared payment.

Q: Is there a chance I can make a bulk Peacock Bodysuit order for my family and friends?

A: You are welcome to make a massive order for either the white bodysuit rave/ white rave romper or the Peacock pattern. We do ship out multiple orders regularly and every time our guarantee is your satisfaction.

Q: Is the Peacock Bodysuit washable?

A: You can have your peacock bodysuit washed and rinsed as many times you like. There is no reason to worry since the colors cannot fade away under no circumstances.

More details about our Peacock/ White Rave Romper

We all need something new to wear and a Peacock bodysuit can make us look better even when we are down. The multiple colors that are imprinted on give an essential outburst of sentiments and feelings.

If you feel depressed then you should definitely go for this bodysuit. No matter what is your body type there is always going to be a garment matching your size. After all, you don’t have to pay a fortune to buy it. Only for $24.95, you can have the best bodysuit you will ever have and brag about it among your friends.

The Peacock Bodysuit matches better all types of ages, including the women who know what they want and have more mature choices. The color variety also gives them a guarantee they can wear any type of shoes they will ask for.

All of our customers are satisfied with the quality. This bodysuit cannot get easily damaged and there is no reason to worry if you gain some weight; the bodysuit can stretch and you can wear it easily.

Do yourself a favor and start using a bodysuit that will make you look better and younger.

Size Chart:

 Size Bust Waist Length
S 80 65 40
M 84 69 40
L 88 73 40
XL 92 77 40

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