Rave Bandanas

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Features Of Our Rave Bandanas:

  • Made of soft fabric, which is easily wearable for hours without discomfort.
  • It can instantly match with any outfit and can enhance your looks.
  • You can wear the bandana in a variety of styles.

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Purge Culture’s 5 ways to wear a bandana to a music festival

We want to show you five different ways that you can wear a bandana. There are countless ways to rock it into your wardrobe and make it look fabulous. It’s such a fun piece that you can incorporate into your everyday style, but we want to show you guys five different ways you can wear it that is effortless and easy, and that will elevate your daily look.

The first way is your classic neck scarf. Take your bandana and fold it in half and tie it around your neck. This isn’t rocket science, but people don’t know how to do this, so I’m describing it easily. Getting more creative with this, you want to keep it just loose and playful. It looks great with just a t-shirt or layered as well.

Boy Scout Rave Bandana style

Another way to wear your bandana is a scarf is what we like to call the Boy Scout way. Take your bandana, fold it in half, and then gently spin it around and then throw it back and then tie it around your neck. With this, you tie it nice and smoothly, and we like it nice and simple in the front.

Another way you guys can wear your bandana is as a bracelet. We think this is an enjoyable way to accessorize. Now you can wear as a bracelet, but it can either be on your arm or around your ankle, depending on how much you want to have again wrap your bandana in half. It is like the secret magic to all bandanas, and you want to do a nice fold. Take the bandana point and fold it from where it says a 100% cotton, take that part and fold it in. Take it, wrap it around, and tie it, and it looks cute.
If you want, you can layer other bracelets with it, and you can put them on top. This does look cute around your ankle as well.

Choker Fashion but with Bandana

This is like what we like to call the choker way, it looks cool, and it doesn’t have to be too feminine. So the key is to make it small and tuck everything back in and behind your shirt. So ideally, you want to wear this with the button-down shirt. It is a great summer look & if you have linen, it’s effortless and casual. We love this look, and what this reminds me of is a summer turtleneck. You don’t want it to be too thick because it’s your summer, turtleneck, or a summer choker, but you don’t want it to look like a neck brace. All you have to do is tuck in the little points in your shirt.

Another great way to wear a bandana is to use it as a pocket square. It’s fun & effortless. In summer, you do not want to be wearing suits and jackets because it’s hot out, and we all know it’s not ideal. So when you have a beautiful linen blazer like this, you can wear it with the t-shirt underneath and then work with the pocket square. Now for pocket squares, there is no wrong you’re right way, and you have to play around with it. We usually fold it in half and then fold it in half again, until you find the perfect fit.


These are the five ways you can style your rave bandana that works both for men and women and can be incorporated into your everyday summer wardrobe. I hope you guys try all these looks out. Please let us know if you have any questions at [email protected]

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