Trinity Boots


If you want to buy the best Trinity Boots make sure you have your aesthetic criteria on. The Purge Culture website gives you the most magnificent types of rave platform boots at a price you have never dreamt of.

Features of our Trinity Boots

  • High-Quality PU Leather.
  • 10 cm heels.
  • 34 cm shaft.
  • High-Quality Metal Zip Closure.

What are the new Trinity Shoes trends?

You would love to have some trinity shoes available for you when you feel like going to a party. The trinity boots are the last episode of the world innovation trend for girls who want to look trendy and innovative when they meet their friends.

They are the first general-purpose shoes you can wear in a party with the same efficiency and safety as going to the stores. The black trinity boots offer you unique fashion icons and make you differ from your peers.

The trinity boots have a soft sole material that can absorb any kind of vibration and shock coming from the road impact. The heel shape has a wedge heel size that can fit any possible girl’s foot. The boots’ outer parts are made from patent leather that is the hottest material in today’s shoe fashion.

FAQ for Rave Platform Boots

Q: What is the best season to wear my Trinity Boots?
A: Autumn would be the best season to start wearing these boots. It is not easy to wear them during the winter and early springtime since the cold weather and rainwater may harm your boots.

Q: Would these Trinity Boots make me look taller?
A: The Trinity Boots have an average heel height of 6 to 8 centimeters. For that reason, it would be easy for you to look taller when you have your boots on.

Q: What is the best wearing style for the ones that want to have Trinity Boots?
A: All styles are compatible with these boots. However, the best ever fashion style that complies with the Trinity Boots is the back zipper wearing style.

How could I wear the rave platform boots to be always cool?

The rave platform boots that you can see here are the best type of shoes for going out at night. It will be better to combine them with a pair of jeans or a skirt that looks close to their design.

Wearing a black dress that has some reflecting objects on it could be a good proposal for these Trinity Boots. On the other hand, you should always avoid white clothes when wearing black trinity. There is never a need to wear socks or any other accessories since you will only ruin the style.

Trinity Boots have straps to keep your foot intact even when you are dancing. You don’t have to worry that your black trinity boots are going to leave your feet no matter how hard you are moving and jumping.

Their outsoles have a special rubber layer that gives you greater friction to the ground. Your stability control and grip are a lot better than with the traditional shoes. Take into account that their heels can offer you a better view of the environment and place you in an advantageous position.

Size Chart & How to measure your foot length:

 Foot Length US Size EU Size
22 3.5 34
22.5 4 35
23 5 36
23.5 6 37
24 7 38
24.5 8 39
25 9 40
25.5 10 41
26 11 42
26.5 12 43
27 13 44
27.5 14 45
28 15 46
28.5 16 47

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