Weed Sweatpants

Weed Sweatpants


You may be a secret weed lover. Weed can be forbidden but the gorgeousness of a weed leaf, none can ignore. So we at Purge Culture, created our new Weed Sweatpants, that is ultra-fashionable & comfortable at the same time.

Features of our Weed Sweatpants

  • Our pot leaf sweatpants come with a trendy design which makes them a perfect addition to your clothing collection.
  • These marijuana sweatpants have a slim fitting design along with the baggy look which makes them more practical for everyday wear .
  • Don't be worried about comfort, as they are ridiculously comfortable and fun to wear.
  • You can choose from two different colors of your own choice -Purple & Green.
  • Our Weed Sweatpants are a bestseller among all other tracks & pants.

Size Chart

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