How to Make a Purge Mask: DIY Guide for Halloween

How To Make a Purge Mask

Halloween is just around the corner, and let’s be real—who doesn’t want to be the talk of the costume party?

Last year, I went all out making my own Purge mask, and let me tell ya, it was a total hit!

So, if you’re up for a DIY project that’s as fun to create as it is to show off, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I provide a step-by-step guide on how to make a Purge mask that’ll have everyone turning their heads!

How to Make a Purge Mask: Materials and Tools Needed

How to Make a Purge Mask: Materials and Tools Needed

These are the necessary materials needed to make a purge mask:

  1. Mask Base: Start with a plain mask base. You can find these at craft stores or online. A white, full-face mask or a blank plastic mask will do.
  2. Paints: Acrylic paints are your best bet for vibrant, long-lasting colors. Ensure you have black and red paint as the primary colors for the Purge mask theme.
  3. Brushes: Select different sizes of paint brushes to help you achieve precise details and broad strokes.
  4. Stencils: Stencils can be a valuable tool if you’re not confident in your freehand painting skills. Look for Purge-themed stencils online or create your own.
  5. Additional Accessories: To take your mask to the next level, you can use optional accessories like LED lights, filters, or even fake blood for that chilling effect.
  6. Clear Sealant Spray: Finish your masterpiece with a clear sealant spray to protect the paint and ensure your Purge mask lasts.

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How to Make a Purge Mask: Step-by-Step DIY Guide

Follow these steps to make a purge mask:

  • 1. Set Up Your Workspace: Start by laying down a newspaper or a cloth to protect your work area from paint spills. This will keep things tidy.
  • 2. Apply the Base Coat: Apply a white or metallic base coat for your mask. This provides a clean canvas for your design. Let it dry completely before moving on.
  • 3. Design Your Mask: Paint your chosen Purge design using stencils or freehand. Take your time, and remember details matter. Look at your design plan or inspirations for ideas.
  • 4. Let the Paint Dry: Allow your painted design to dry fully. Depending on the thickness of the paint, this may take a few hours.  Don’t touch it while it’s drying to avoid smudging.
  • 5. Check and Fix: Once the paint is completely dry, examine your mask for any mistakes or spots that need touch-ups. Use your paintbrush to make corrections or add more details if necessary. To preserve your Purge mask, apply a clear sealant spray to shield the paint.
  • 6. Add Accessories: If you’re adding extras like LED lights or filters, attach them securely. For wires or lights, make small holes and attach the accessories as instructed. Ensure that any cables or attachments do not obstruct your vision or comfort when wearing the mask.

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Top 5 Purge Masks

These are the top 5 Purge Masks:

  1. The Purge Anarchy God Mask: Inspired by the intense chaos of “The Purge: Anarchy,” the Anarchy God mask embodies a gruesome aesthetic. This design includes intricate mascara or blood-smeared eyes, “GOD” written on the mask, and eerie motifs.
  2. The Purge Cross Mask: This mask introduces a unique twist by infusing religious symbolism into the Purge narrative. This design displays crosses on the mask’s face, blending religious symbols with the spooky Purge vibe. 
  3. Kiss Me Purge Mask: The LED Kiss Me mask is both fun and scary. It has big, colorful lips with LED lights that flash. It’s intriguing and creepy at the same time.
  4. Purge Smile Mask: This is one of the most famous. The purge smile mask has an exaggerated big grin that shows the fear and unpredictability of the Purge night.
  5. The Forever Purge Mask: From the latest Purge movie, this one is the half face mask has been very popular lately.

Safety Considerations While Making a Purge Mask Yourself

Safety Considerations While Making a Purge Mask Yourself

These are the safety considerations that you need to follow to make a purge mask:

  • Visibility: Make sure you can see clearly through your mask. If the eye holes obstruct your vision, adjust them for a clear line of sight.
  • Breathability: If you will wear the mask for an extended period, consider adding small vents for better airflow.
  • Comfort: Ensure that your mask fits comfortably. This will prevent any discomfort during long periods of use.

FAQs on How to Make a Purge Mask

These are the most frequently asked questions on how to make a purge mask:

How do I choose the right mask base for my Purge mask?

You can select a white or blank plastic mask as your base. It depends on your design and comfort preferences.

Do I have to use acrylic paints for my Purge mask, or can I use other types of paint?

Acrylic paints are recommended for their vibrancy and durability. However, you can experiment with other paints.

How long does it take for the paint to dry?

Drying depends on paint thickness and humidity. Acrylic paint may take a few hours to dry completely.

What should I do if my Purge mask obstructs my vision?

If your mask hinders your vision, carefully adjust the eye holes to ensure clear visibility.

Is adding LED lights or other accessories to my Purge mask safe?

Adding LED lights or accessories can be safe if done correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure attachments do not interfere with your comfort or vision.

How can I protect the paint on my Purge mask to make it last longer?

Apply a clear sealant spray to protect the paint and extend the life of your Purge mask.


Learning how to make a Purge mask is fun and creative. With a few materials and some imagination, you can make a mask that’s uniquely yours. Just remember safety and comfort, and let your creativity shine.