Purge Mask Ideas For Halloween Costume: Top 8 Easy, DIY

Purge Mask Ideas For Halloween

 If you’re like me, you’ve watched all the Purge movies and got slightly obsessed with the masks.

Those iconic and captivating designs had me pausing scenes, sketching ideas, and daydreaming about crafting my own masterpiece.

Last year, I took the plunge, turning my living room into a mask-making workshop.

Whether you’re prepping for a spooky event or just want to indulge in some artsy fun, I’ve listed a treasure of Purge Mask Ideas for Halloween.

Top 5 Purge Mask Ideas (Iconic & DIY)

Top 5 Purge Mask Ideas(Iconic&DIY)

These are the top 5 purge mask ideas:

1. Uncle Sam Purge Mask

Uncle Sam Purge Mask

The infamous Uncle Sam poster inspires the Uncle Sam Purge Mask. The mask is designed with meticulous attention to detail, including the stern expression, top hat, and white beard.

2. The Purge Cross Mask

The Purge Cross Mask

This is a haunting and religious-themed Halloween mask. It features a large, eerie cross sign in the center, with intricate, grim details adorning the mask’s surface.

3. The Purge Anarchy God Mask

The Purge Anarchy God Mask

This haunting mask features a pale, expressionless face with eerie details, “GOD” written on the center, darkened eyes, and a sinister grin. Perfect for those who want to send shivers down spines at any costume party or haunted event.

4. The Forever Purge Mask

The Forever Purge Mask

This mask embodies chaos and anarchy, featuring a weathered and sinister design with jagged edges, blood-red accents, and an eerie skull motif that half covers the face. 

5. Purge Smile Mask

Purge Smile Mask

Sometimes, simplicity is the scariest. This mask features a chillingly eerie, unnaturally wide smile, a prominent characteristic of the Purge movie franchise.

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Top 3 Trending Purge Mask Ideas For Halloween

These are the top 3 trending purge mask ideas for halloween:

1. Glowing LED Masks

These masks sport a sleek, futuristic design, often made of lightweight materials. Embedded LED lights create an eerie, captivating glow with customizable colors and patterns. They feature a simple appearance with bright colors, making them stand out in the dark.

2. Gas Mask

Gas mask-inspired Purge masks are typically made from sturdy, dark-colored materials. They incorporate the ominous look of real gas masks with filters on either side of the mask. These masks give off an industrial, post-apocalyptic vibe, often featuring rugged straps for a secure fit.

3. The Purge Anarchy God Mask

This iconic mask from “The Purge: Anarchy” is a striking choice. It boasts a pristine white facade with exaggerated features, including a sinister, unnaturally wide grin and piercing, hollowed-out eyes. The overall design is simple yet haunting.

Top 2 Light Up Purge Mask Ideas

These are the top 2 light up purge mask ideas:

1. LED Purge Mask

The LED Purge Mask is a modern, attention-grabbing twist on the classic Purge mask. It features built-in LED lights that outline the mask’s contours and illuminate in various colors. The LEDs create an eerie, otherworldly glow, making you stand out in the dark with a menacing and futuristic appearance.

2. LED Kiss Me Purge Mask

The LED Kiss Me Purge Mask takes a playful yet sinister approach to the Purge theme. It features the iconic Purge smile with jagged teeth. LED lights embedded in the eyes and lips gives the mask an impression of a glowing, evil grin. Adding to its ominous charm, the mask is adorned with a “Kiss Me” message in blood-red font, making it perfect for purge night and halloween. 

Top 2 Purge Kiss Me Mask Ideas

These are the top 2 kiss me mask ideas:

1. Kiss Me Purge Mask

This mask features a provocative smile, a jagged teeth design, and the message “Kiss Me” written in blood red. The mask exudes an eerie sense of temptation, making it a striking choice for those who want to embrace the enigmatic allure of the Purge night.

2. LED Kiss Me Purge Mask

The “LED Kiss Me Purge Mask” takes the eerie charm of the “Kiss Me” design to the next level. This mask incorporates LED lights, which outline the lips and emit a mesmerizing, pulsating glow. This makes it an attention-grabbing choice for a Purge-themed event or Halloween party.

Top 8 Easy Purge Mask Ideas

Top 8 Easy Purge Mask Ideas

These are the top 8 easy purge mask ideas:

  1. Bandana Mask: Simply tie a red or black bandana around your face, leaving eye holes for an instant Purge-inspired look.
  2. Painted Smile Mask: Use face paint or makeup to create a sinister smile on your face, accentuating the mouth area with dark colors.
  3. Paper Plate Mask: Cut out eye holes in a white paper plate, draw a menacing expression, and attach elastic bands to the sides for a quick Purge mask.
  4. Surgical Mask: A standard surgical mask can be instantly transformed into a Purge mask with the addition of some menacing drawings or symbols. 
  5. DIY Cardboard Mask: Cut out a mask shape from cardboard, paint it in dark colors, and add details like sharp teeth, blood red eyes, or bold symbols.
  6. Hockey Mask: If you have an old hockey mask lying around, it can be repurposed as a Purge mask with a coat of paint and some creative touches.
  7. Venetian Mask: Decorate a plain masquerade mask with dark colors, symbols, or eerie designs for a simple yet refined Purge look.
  8. Glow-in-the-Dark Mask: Apply glow-in-the-dark paint or tape to a mask for an easy yet striking effect that works well in low-light settings.

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Purge Mask Costume Ideas

These are the best purge mask costume ideas:

  1. Fake Blood Stockings: Add gore to your Purge costume with Fake Blood Stockings. These blood-stained stockings are perfect for creating a spooky and gruesome look.
  2. Uncle Sam Costume with Mask: Get patriotic and eerie with an Uncle Sam Costume paired with an Uncle Sam mask. This Purge costume blends American symbols with a sinister twist.
  3. Barbed Wire-Wrapped Bat: Complete your look with a barbed wire-wrapped bat. This menacing accessory adds a dangerous edge to your Purge costume, perfect for intimidating your fellow Purge participants.
  4. Hoodie and Jeans with Ram Horn Mask and Fake Axe: Dress in a black hoodie and jeans, then add a mask featuring a long nose and ram horns. Top it off with a realistic-looking axe for a chilling Purge ensemble.
  5. Statue of Liberty Costume with Mask: Embrace freedom with a Statue of Liberty Costume and matching mask. This patriotic Purge costume twists an iconic American symbol into something eerie and unforgettable.
  6. Nun Costume: Go for a classic and haunting look with a Nun Costume. The simplicity of this costume creates a sense of mystery and foreboding that’s perfect for the Purge night. You can top it off with a scary nun mask.
  7. Hooded Robe Cloak: Wear a hooded robe cloak for a dark and mysterious Purge outfit. This versatile piece can be customized with the Purge Cross Mask to create a sinister character.

Top 6 Personalized Purge Mask Ideas

These are the top 6 personalized purge mask ideas: 

  1. Custom Face Mask: Design a Purge mask with a face on it. This eerie twist will make you instantly recognizable and add a surreal touch to your costume.
  2. Glow-in-the-Dark Name Mask: Customize your Purge mask with your name using glow-in-the-dark paint or tape. Your name will stand out eerily in the dark.
  3. Symbolic Mask: Create a personalized Purge mask featuring symbols or icons that are meaningful to you. It could be a logo, an emblem, or a favorite character.
  4. Message Mask: Write a mysterious or chilling message on your mask, like a cryptic riddle or a personal mantra, to add an intriguing element to your costume.
  5. Pet-Inspired Mask: Pay homage to your beloved pet by incorporating their likeness or paw prints into your Purge mask design.
  6. Superhero-Inspired Mask: Customize your Purge mask to resemble the mask of your favorite superhero, blending two iconic looks into one striking costume.

Group Purge Mask Ideas

These are group purge mask ideas:

  1. Smile Mask for The Purge Group Costume: Get the exact smile mask from “The Purge” movie for your group costume. This iconic mask captures the essence of the film, making your group’s Halloween appearance truly unforgettable.
  2. LED Purge Masks for Groups: Illuminate your group’s presence and ensure they stand out with LED Purge masks. These masks add an electrifying touch to your ensemble and make your group instantly recognizable at any Halloween gathering.
  3. Purge Anarchy Squad Look: If you aim to match the spine-chilling appearance of the purging crew from “The Purge Anarchy,” opt for casual hoodies as your attire. However, what truly sets them apart are the distinctive masks like GOD and Cross. By donning these masks, you and your squad can effortlessly channel the eerie aura of the film and distinguish yourselves from the rest of the purgers.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Purge Mask Design

These are the benefits of creating your own purge mask ideas:

  1. Uniqueness: When you design your Purge mask, you’re creating something unique. Your mask will showcase your individuality and creativity.
  2. Creativity: Designing your mask is a creative outlet where you can choose colors, shapes, and intricate details that align with your style. It’s a canvas for your artistic expression.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Crafting your mask can be a cost-effective option. You can use affordable, easily accessible materials and supplies, saving money compared to purchasing pre-made masks that can be pricey.
  4. Customization: Personalization is key when you create your Purge mask. You can tailor every aspect to your liking, ensuring a comfortable fit and a design that complements your costume seamlessly.
  5. Perfect Fit: Customizing the mask’s size and shape ensures it fits your face comfortably, which is especially crucial if you plan on wearing it for extended periods.
  6. Matching Your Theme: Crafting your mask allows for precise alignment with your chosen Purge theme or character.

FAQs on Purge Mask Ideas

These are most frequently asked questions on purge mask ideas:

How can I make my own DIY Purge mask?

You can make your own DIY Purge mask using cardboard, paint, and elastic bands. Check out our guide on how to make your own purge mask.

What are some easy Purge mask ideas for last-minute costumes?

Easy Purge mask ideas for last-minute costumes include using bandanas, repurposing everyday items, or applying face paint to create a menacing look.

Can I personalize my Purge mask to match a specific theme or character?

Absolutely! Personalizing your Purge mask to match a specific theme or character is a great way to make your Halloween costume more unique and memorable.

What are some popular Purge mask designs for Halloween?

Some popular designs include the iconic smile mask, LED masks, and masks with glowing or neon elements.


Purge mask ideas for Halloween offer endless creativity and spooky fun. From the iconic smile mask to DIY designs, these purge mask ideas add the perfect dose of eerie charm to your spooky celebrations. Get ready to stand out at your Halloween party with your unique mask.