Is the Purge Happening in 2024? Real Life? When?

Is the Purge Happening in 2024

The internet is buzzing with rumors and claims regarding “Is the purge happening in 2024?”

These rumors have sparked several reactions and stories around it.

Buckle up as we unravel the truth behind these claims, including the social media hysteria and legal ramifications.

Is the Purge Happening in 2024?

Is the Purge Happening in 2024

The Purge is not happening in 2024. However, people started discussing “Is the Purge Happening in 2024” on TikTok and Twitter when Illinois enacted the SAFE-T Act on January 1, 2024. When people started comparing the Act to The Purge movie, it became a popular topic on social media. 

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What is the Origin of the Rumor That the Purge is Happening in 2024?

The rumor regarding a 2024 Purge started on social media. Numerous posts and memes on “Is the Purge Happening in 2024” suggest January 1, 2024, the start date, but no credible evidence substantiates this assertion.

When Is the Purge Happening?

“The Purge” is a fictional concept from movies and is not happening in real life.

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Is the Chicago Purge Real?

The term “Chicago Purge” in relation to Illinois’ Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA) is a mischaracterization used by critics. The law aims to reform pretrial procedures and eliminate cash bail; it does not legalize crime or create a “Purge” scenario.

Is the Purge Happening in 2024- How Did the Rumors Spread?

The rumor about the purge started after a video of Keith Pekau detailing Illinois’ SAFE-T Act surfaced on TikTok. In 2021, Illinois passed the SAFE-T Act, which mentions that about 400 people accused of crimes will be let back into the community because of this law. 

According to the law, certain offenses like  “aggravated batteries, robberies, burglaries, hate crimes, aggravated DUIs, vehicular homicide, drug-induced homicides, all drug offenses, including delivery of fentanyl and trafficking cases, are not eligible for detention no matter the severity of the crime or the defendant’s risk to a specific person or the community, unless the People prove by clear and convincing evidence the person has a “high likelihood of willful flight to avoid prosecution.” 

People fuelled the rumor by comparing the act to a 2013 movie titled “The Purge.” In this fictional movie, the government allows all crime, even murder, for 12 hours yearly to reduce crime and “cleanse” society. This has led many fans and social media followers to ask, “Is the Purge Happening in 2024?”.

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Illinois Purge Law 2024 Explained

Illinois Purge Law is a misleading and sensationalized label given by critics to the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA), which is part of Illinois’ criminal justice reforms set to go into effect in January 2024. The act does not in any way create a scenario similar to the Purge movies where all crimes, including murder, are temporarily legalized.

The main objectives of the Pretrial Fairness Act are:

  1. Elimination of Cash Bail: Illinois becomes the first state to completely abolish cash bail. This aims to remove wealth-based disparities in pretrial detention.
  2. Pretrial Detention Hearings: The act reforms the pretrial detention hearing process to be based on the defendant’s flight risk or risk of reoffending, rather than their ability to pay bail.

The act requires the court to find clear and convincing evidence that a defendant committed the crime and poses a specific threat to others or is a flight risk before ordering pretrial detention.

The goal is to make the justice system more equitable and to protect the constitutional presumption of innocence. It does not mean dangerous or flight-risk individuals will be automatically released; they can still be held until trial if deemed a threat or flight risk.

Lack of Credible Evidence for a Purge in 2024

No solid and reliable information supports the idea of a “purge” happening in 2024 or any other specific year. This claim has been circulating online for quite some time, lacking a credible foundation. Recognizing them as fictional and not grounded in any factual or credible information is crucial.

Role of Social Media in Spreading Purge 2024 Rumors

Social media has been a significant platform for spreading false information about a “purge” in 2024. The ease of sharing and anonymity on these platforms makes it easy for rumors to spread. Many drew parallels between Illinois’ SAFE-T Act and the 2013 movie “The Purge,” causing an online buzz.  

In September 2022, a video was shared with the caption, “As of January 2024, Illinois is basically sounding the Purge siren.” This video was shared widely. This prompted a user to tweet: “America will become Gotham City #ThePurge.” Also, another remarked: “I told you that #ThePurge is literally real. But y’all keep telling me: ‘it’s just a movie’.” One comment read: “Get out of Illinois. It is way too dangerous to live or work there. The state legislature and Governor are insane to have passed this.” 

The idea of a 2024 purge is likely another unfounded conspiracy theory. However, this theory has gained momentum on social media, with millions of users sharing it. As a result, some people are getting worried and scared, asking, “Is the Purge Happening in 2024?”

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Legal Consequences for Promoting a Purge in 2023

Promoting a purge in 2024 can result in varying legal consequences, depending on specific circumstances. Generally, advocating violence or inciting others to commit violent acts constitutes a criminal offense, irrespective of whether the violence materializes. The First Amendment safeguards freedom of speech in the United States, but it’s not an absolute right. 

Speech aiming to provoke violence or likely to cause immediate unlawful actions falls outside the protection of the First Amendment. The specific legal charges that may be applied to someone promoting a purge can differ across states. However, standard charges include:

  • Inciting a riot.
  • Making terroristic threats.
  • Conspiring to commit violence.
  • Violating hate speech laws.

Penalties for these offenses depend on their severity, encompassing potential imprisonment, fines, and restitution. Apart from criminal repercussions, those promoting a purge may face civil liability. For instance, if injuries or fatalities occur during a purge, the individuals who encouraged it could be subject to lawsuits seeking compensation for damages. It is crucial to recognize that promoting a purge carries grave legal consequences. Anyone contemplating such actions should seek legal counsel to comprehend the associated risks fully.

Societal Impact of Purge 2024 Rumors

These are some of the societal impacts of “Is the Purge Happening in 2024” rumors:

1. Increased Fear and Anxiety: The circulation of Purge rumors heightens fear and anxiety among individuals, particularly those who already feel vulnerable or marginalized. These rumors can be especially distressing because they suggest a scenario where all forms of crime are permitted, including violence and harm to others. 

2. Misinformation Spread: The rapid dissemination of these rumors across various social media platforms underscores the immense challenge of managing the flow of false information in the digital age. Social media’s viral nature allows rumors to spread like wildfire, often outpacing efforts to debunk them. 

3. Increased Tensions and Violence: Purge rumors can create an atmosphere of heightened tension and potential for violence within communities. The notion of a lawless period during which criminal acts go unpunished fosters a sense of lawlessness and impunity.

4. Damage to Businesses and Property: The fear generated by Purge rumors can also have economic consequences. People may be reluctant to venture outside, visit businesses, or engage in commerce due to concerns about personal safety. This can negatively impact local businesses, causing financial losses and potentially leading to damage to property as well.

5. Increased Distrust of Government: The circulation of Purge rumors can erode trust in government institutions and law enforcement. Some individuals may interpret these rumors as evidence that the government is either unable or unwilling to safeguard its citizens from potential violence and chaos. 

Psychological Factors Behind Believing in a Purge in 2024

These are the psychological factors behind believing in a purge in 2024:

1. Fear and Anxiety: Humans are wired to respond to threats and dangers. The idea of a Purge, a night of lawlessness and violence, taps into primal fears. People may believe in it due to a fear of the unknown and the anticipation of danger, especially if they already harbor anxieties about crime or societal instability.

2. Confirmation Bias: This cognitive bias leads individuals to seek information confirming their beliefs while ignoring or dismissing contrary evidence. Suppose someone is predisposed to believing in conspiracy theories or has a mistrust of authority. In that case, they may selectively perceive and accept information that supports the Purge narrative.

3. Sensationalism and Media Consumption: traditional and social media often thrive on sensationalism and clickbait content. Rumors about catastrophic events like the Purge can gain traction in the media landscape, leading some individuals to give credence to the idea due to the sheer volume of coverage.

4. Cultural Influences: Popular culture, including movies and television series like “The Purge,” can significantly influence beliefs and perceptions. Exposure to such fictional portrayals can blur the lines between reality and fiction, making some individuals more susceptible to believing in a real-world Purge.

5. Social Influence: Humans are social creatures, and our social circles often shape our beliefs. Individuals may be more inclined to believe if friends, family members, or online communities endorse the Purge rumor. Social validation can reinforce the perception of credibility.

Debunking the Claims of a Purge in 2024

Several misconceptions surround the question, “Is the Purge happening in 2024.” Let’s debunk some of the key claims and address the concerns raised:

1. “It’s not just a movie.” Misconception: It’s crucial to reiterate that “The Purge” is a product of creative storytelling and cinematic imagination. This movie series explores a dystopian, alternate reality where all crime is legal for a limited time. The Purge films are intended for entertainment and social commentary, not as a reflection of real-life events. Treating them as if they forecast actual occurrences is a misconception.

2. “Purges Have Happened in Real Life”: In recent discussions about a purported Purge event in 2024, one recurring claim asserts that “purges have happened in real life.” This statement suggests that historical events or situations akin to the concept of a purge have occurred in the past. While it is true that history has seen instances of violent uprisings, mob mentality, or periods of societal chaos, it is crucial to understand that these historical events and the fictional Purge concept are not equivalent.

3. “Get out of Illinois. It is way too dangerous to live or work there. The state legislature and Governor are insane to have passed this.”: This claim pertains to Illinois, presumably referencing the state’s legislation. It is important to clarify that Illinois passed the SAFE-T Act, which is unrelated to a real-life Purge event. The SAFE-T Act introduced changes to pretrial detention policies. Still, it did not legalize any criminal activity, including a Purge event. 

How to Report Misinformation About a Purge in 2024

These are tips to report misinformation regarding “Is the Purge Happening in 2024”: 

1. Verify the Information: Ensure the information is false or misleading before taking action. Double-check credible news sources and official statements to confirm the accuracy of the information.

2. Capture Evidence: If you encounter misinformation online, take screenshots or record the source of the false information, including the date and time of the post or message. This evidence can be valuable when reporting misinformation.

3. Report to Social Media Platforms: If you encounter misinformation on social media, report it to the respective platform. Most social media platforms have mechanisms for reporting false or harmful content. Look for options like “Report,” “Flag,” or “Mark as False Information” and follow the platform’s reporting process.

4. Contact Local Authorities: If the misinformation poses a credible threat to public safety or has led to panic in your community, consider contacting your local law enforcement agency. They can assess the situation and take appropriate action if necessary.

5. Use Official Channels: Contact official government agencies or local authorities to inquire about the legitimacy of the information. If you have concerns about a potential threat, contact the appropriate authorities, who can investigate and address the issue.

FAQs on Is the Purge Happening in 2024

These are the most frequently asked questions on Is the Purge Happening in 2024:

Is Illinois Purge Law 2024 Real?

Illinois Purge Law 2024 is a misleading label for the Pretrial Fairness Act, which reforms pretrial procedures but does not create a “Purge” scenario. The act is real, but it is not a “Purge” law.

How Are Rumors of the Purge Happening in 2024 Being Spread?

The purge rumors are mainly spread through social media, viral posts, and online discussions.

What Are the Legal Repercussions of Promoting a Real-life Purge in 2024?

Promoting violence can lead to criminal charges like inciting a riot, terroristic threats, and conspiracies, resulting in jail, fines, or lawsuits.

Is There Any Credible Evidence Supporting a Purge in 2024?

There is no credible evidence to verify claims of a real-life Purge in 2024. It’s purely speculative.

What Should I Do if I Come Across Misinformation About the Purge Happening in 2024?

Report it to social media platforms, contact local authorities if it poses a threat, and share accurate information to counteract the rumor.


The notion of a Purge happening in 2024 is a baseless rumor. There’s no real evidence to back it up. Remember, the Purge is just a movie, not reality. It’s essential to rely on trustworthy sources and not let fear and misinformation take control. As we move forward, we must stay calm, verify our facts, and work together to keep our communities safe from unnecessary panic. So, in response to the question, “Is the Purge Happening in 2024,” the answer is a resounding no; it is merely a baseless rumor.